Mgambo Seeds and Mgambo Jewelry

Exotic Seeds---- Exotic Beads--- Exotic Jewelry!


 Welcome to your source for handcrafted mgambo seed jewelry from the Big Island of Hawaii. Each unique piece has been designed with the rare Mgambo Seed. The process of turning these seeds into beads takes over a year to complete. The utmost care is taken to ensure the velvet texture is protected during this time. 

 The natural velvet texture will remain on your jewelry over time due to our involved curing process! We take old world steps to bring a new world product that we are very proud of. Most people avoid swimming and bathing while wearing their mgambo seed jewelry. Although, water will not remove the the velvety fuzzy exterior of the mgambo. 

We have been selling mgambo jewelry for many years on the Big Island. Please try some of our jewelry for yourself or for a loved one.  People are amazed how much fun they have wearing this rare exotic jewelry. It is hard to wear without being noticed! For the woman who thinks she has everything!

Please click of any of the Mgambo Jewelry below. It will take you into my gallery where you can order from my Etsy shop. Etsy is a rapidly growing site for handmade goods. 

Mgambo Seeds are also known as Velvet Beads, Velvet Seed, Weleweka, Hua Weleweka, Hawaiian Pussy Willow, Maui Mink, Fuzzy Seeds, and Fuzzy Beads. However, Mgambo is the original name of the seeds and jewelry!